1. 3 Tips to Keep Those Leather Seats Like New

    For most of the country, it’s warming up with summer just around the corner. However, for those of us in Tucson, our warm climate is gearing up for our usual hot Arizona summer heat. The hot temperatures that we experience here, as maybe you are all too aware of, can do a number on your car. One item that you must take care of to preserve the value of your car for your own enjoyment and possible…Read More

  2. Keep Your Car Clean & We’ll Do the Rest

    Usually, when you think about auto repair, you probably think about the times when you have to take your car into the auto repair shop or when you have to change the oil, but maintenance for your car can be so much more and can include tasks such as cleaning the inside and outside of your car. How does cleaning your car affect you and qualify as regular maintenance? Health First, keeping your car …Read More

  3. Seriously, Smell Your Car

    Thankfully, for those of us in Tucson, we don’t have to deal with a lot of the auto repair issues that those in other states have to deal with on a regular basis. But we still need to pay attention to our car. For many of us, our busy schedules keep us on the go. We run out to our car, jump in, and drive off. And even if we have a slower lifestyle it’s easy to put off auto repair issues that w…Read More

  4. The Most Common Auto Repairs

    Auto repairs can dampen how much free time you have and they can ruin your mood. Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a car they once trusted. They want to have a car that drives healthily from now to the end of time, and our auto repair team understands this dilemma. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee when your car will experience an inevitable break down, but our car r…Read More

  5. Be Covered By Our Fixed Forever Warranty

    When you purchase a car, you want it to run effortlessly for as long as you’ll be driving it. But sometimes, we’re left with a car that provides us with more hassle than we can afford; that’s where Milex Auto Service Centers in Tucson steps in. When you schedule an auto repair with our ASE Certified & Master Technicians, you won’t be getting just any repair! You’ll be given an auto r…Read More

  6. Steps To Take If Your Car Starts To Overheat

    Tucson summers are brutal, and there’s really no way of denying that. If the care you drive is an older model, then the chances of you experiencing the memorable feeling of sitting in a car that’s overheating, are pretty high. While it gets you from A to B, if you have a car that overheats on a regular basis, it’s good to know what steps to take so that your car doesn’t get the most of the…Read More

  7. Tips On Making Your Gas Last As Long As Possible

    Gas prices fluctuate pretty rapidly, especially here in Tucson. Even when gas prices are affordable and relatively consistent, it’s nice to know that we are getting the most out of our tank of gas. At Milex Auto Center, we are all about finding ways to get the absolute most out of your car and the components that you invest in it. In an attempt to help you get the most mileage out of your gas ta…Read More

  8. Does Gas Quality Affect The Way Your Car Runs?

    You pull into the gas station, open the door to your gas tank and you choose a grade of gas. Maybe it depends on how recently you got paid or how new your car is, but more often than not we have no problem choosing the cheapest grade of gas for our car. While it’s light on our paycheck, the price that we pay is greater than the 20 cent heighten in price. All cars are guaranteed a specific lifeti…Read More

  9. Rotating & Aligning Your Tires

    As we get older one of the classes we regret not taking is auto shop. From the unexpected to flat tires to the never ending schedule of oil changes, being able to do these things on your own is an advantage. Since we aren’t all able to do these things, we have to be able to trust the skills of the mechanic that we choose. At Milex Auto Center, we have mechanics with only the highest quality of k…Read More

  10. How Often Should You Be Getting An Oil Change?

    Oil changes are likely the most common reason that most of us go and see a mechanic. When it comes to providing the best care for your car, Milex Auto Service provides the highest quality of services in Tucson, so you can feel confident when you leave your car with us. When it comes to services like oil changes, we notice that people often come in much too early, or way too late. We get that it ca…Read More