With the Tucson sun beaming down on us, it’s extremely important to make sure your car’s AC is working properly. When you slide into your car and the AC starts blowing warm air, you know something isn’t right. Milex Auto Service Centers has the answers to all your AC problems, but it may be something simple that you can manage yourself. Here are some things to look for if your AC is blowing out warm air.

Blocked Condenser.

A condenser looks very similar to a radiator and is mounted at the front of your car. It’s main purpose is to cool the hot compressed refrigerant. If your condenser is blocked, the air traveling does not make it’s way to the refrigerant, leaving it at the warm temperature flowing through your car. A quick visual check can help you eliminate this problem.

Broken Condenser.

Because of the location of your vehicles condenser, the chances of road debris like rocks and other heavy objects is also possible. If you notice a puncture in your condenser, it is necessary to replace the piece.

Low Refrigerant.

One of the easiest things to manage. Checking the level of the refrigerant is done with a quick glance and then filling if needed.

Broken Cooling Fans.

Condensers can only cool the refrigerant if it has air moving over it. Over time, the fan may become worn and require replacement. Check to see if your fan is working while the car is still on, but watch your hands because it could start at any given time.

When it comes to auto repair you want someone who can get the job done right. If you find any of the suggestions above are not the case for your AC, give Milex Auto Service Centers a call!