October is fall car care month which means it’s the perfect time of year to look into getting your car fixed up before winter. Here at Milex Auto Service, we’re proud to offer superior auto repair services in Tucson and will keep your car running great into the new year and beyond. We pride ourselves on offering transparent services with no hidden fees. We understand that you need affordable car maintenance services, so we’re here to provide you with exactly that. Keep reading to learn about a few maintenance procedures to tackle this October.


Your car’s tires are very sensitive to the change of season. You may have a pair of worn tires that work just fine in the summer, but once the temperature starts to cool down and there’s snow or rain on the ground, that could all change. The best time of the year to get new tires is during the fall because pretty soon it’ll be winter and then spring, so you’re going to have more precipitation to deal with.


Possibly the most important part of your car is your brakes. If your brakes are in poor condition, you’re putting yourself at risk too. When you visit Milex Auto Service, just let us know that you want your brakes checked and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive inspection and replace brake fluid and flush it if needed.


There’s really nothing more frustrating than getting in your car, sticking the keys in the transmission, turning, and not hearing the car startup. Not only does this mean you’re going to be late to your destination (or not make it there at all), but you’ll probably be frustrated to have to spend hundreds on a new battery or to fix whatever issue is needed. At Milex Auto Service, however, we will make this process as easy on you as possible and cut any costs whenever possible.

Heater, Defroster, and Wiper Blades

Another important seasonal car care opportunity is upgrading or repairing your heater, defroster, or wiper blades. Let’s face it, all three of these things have probably broken in your car before and you may or may not have gotten them fixed. Although repairing a heater is a matter of preference, defrosters and wiper blades are a must, not just for your convenience, but for your safety as well. Never drive a car without properly functioning wiper blades and defrosters. At Milex Auto Service, we’ll work to figure out whatever the issue is and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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