For most of the country, it’s warming up with summer just around the corner. However, for those of us in Tucson, our warm climate is gearing up for our usual hot Arizona summer heat. The hot temperatures that we experience here, as maybe you are all too aware of, can do a number on your car. One item that you must take care of to preserve the value of your car for your own enjoyment and possible future profit is your leather seats.

You can’t help the weather, so how do you protect your leather seats?

Park in the Shade

We know that there isn’t always a shady parking spot available, but when there is an option for it, take the shady spot. Also, anticipate where the shade may be for the majority of the time your car is parked: The shadiest spot might be the one that is currently in the sun.

Use a Windshield Protector

Although a windshield protector may feel like just “one more thing to do,” it can truly save the life of your leather seats. There are a couple different varieties available: As long as it blocks sunlight, it should be perfect for protecting your seats. Also, consider tinting your windows!

Install Seat Covers

Seat covers are another great way to protect your leather seats. Not only will it protect your seats from the sun, but from the damage that dirt can wreak upon your car. Even tiny particles of dirt can scratch and cause irreparable damage. If seat covers aren’t for you, take care of your seats by cleaning and conditioning them regularly.

Need Auto Repair?

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