When you’re looking to get your top in it’s best working condition, you’re likely to bring it to the auto experts at Milex Auto Center. We provide the highest quality of services to our clients, and that’s why they can count on reliable cars and affordable prices. When you drop your car off so that it can get the ultimate tune up for your car. If you realize that you’re up for a tune up, take care of it at the beginning of the new year so that it’s easier to monitor. Here are things to ask the mechanics to check.


This is easily one of the most crucial safety feature in your car. Having your brake pads checked regularly will ensure that your vehicle is in a safe condition. This also benefits the tread of your tire by not overly wearing them down.

Tread & Pressure

Tires are one of the less frequently checked parts in an automobile, and usually don’t get any attention drawn to them until they’re in a repair center getting a new tire. Save yourself from getting an unexpected flat by routinely checking the tread and pressure in your tires. Even doing so once a month will minimize your chances of getting a flat tire.


This is another one of those car parts that is seldom check until too late. Especially during the cooler months, the cold weather is hard on your battery. Depending on the distances and frequency that you drive, you can look at purchasing a new battery maybe once a year.

These are just a few of the things to get checked when you visit the auto experts at Milex Auto Repair. Check our blog frequently to continue to learn more about your car’s ultimate tune up as well as other useful tips about cars!